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Acute bronchitis causes slight fever, cough (dry or productive), mucopurulent secretions, flulike symptoms, chest pain, and reduced respiratory excursion.

Chronic bronchitis results in cough, sputum, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, asthmatic episodes, recurrences of pulmonary infection, respiratory failure, and exhaustion. 

What is Bronchitis?

From Modern Western Medicine

Inflammation of the bronchial passages, the airways that connect the trachea to the […]

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Physicians classify influenza, or flu, into three types, each with a slightly different set of symptoms. Types A and B symptoms include chills, fever, headache, muscular aches, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Type A is more debilitating than type B. Type C is a mild illness that is indistinguishable from the common cold. The symptoms include […]

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