Purpose and Mission of Our Work

How is it possible that someone diagnosed with an end-stage cancer — or any other life-threatening illness, for that matter — manages to recover his or her health with little or no medical intervention?

How is it possible that your immune system is able to recognize threats to your health, come up with brilliant strategies for destroying those threats, and once triumphant, will remember the formula for success against that pathogen for the rest of your life?

Right now, tiny messenger proteins, called kinases, are traveling along intricate pathways within your cells to turn on, or off, specific genes, or perform other essential tasks within your cells, so that you are able to function effectively, despite the ever- changing conditions of your life.

You have more than 100 trillions cells — a population that far exceeds the number of stars in a hundred galaxies. All of those cells must be managed simultaneously.  How is that possible?

The answer is obvious.  An Intelligence of awesome powers is running your body.

That Intelligence has the power to restore your health, transform your life, and give you fulfillment and happiness.

I have written about hundreds of people who have overcome life-threatening diseases, including end-stage cancers, advanced heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other devastating illnesses. Many were told that there was no medical answer for their illness and that they had little time left to live.  Yet, they made a full recovery.

I have personally counseled hundreds more who reversed serious illness, or transformed their lives after experiencing some terrible loss in personal or business life that, at the time, seemed insurmountable.

How is this transformation accomplished? The answer, in a word, is communication.

When the Healing Intelligence within you is able to communicate effectively with your body, mind, and heart, you naturally experience abundant energy, good heath, and optimal function; you have mental clarity, insight, and the capacity to know and express your own inner truth; you experience compassion, optimism, centeredness, and love; and perhaps most nurturing of all, you sense your intimate union with the One Life that animates all of life.

No illness, nor any problem, is too great that it cannot be overcome by the Healing Intelligence within you.  This is the true source of miraculous healing, the real reason why people overcome the odds. Align your mind, your heart, and your actions with the Healing Intelligence within you and anything that you sincerely seek can be achieved.

I have found that those who restore their health, or overcome a life-altering event, create that alignment by adopting seven distinct behaviors. These behaviors were not a part of their daily lives before they started their healing journeys. But when they were thrown into crisis, and began searching for answers, they found themselves adopting seven distinct habits, or ways of being. These behaviors restored communications between the Healing Intelligence and each person’s physical body and inner life.

Once that alignment was in place, these people experienced a restoration of good health, love, joy, and fulfillment.

My book, Unexpected Recoveries, Seven Steps to Healing Body, Mind, and Soul when Serious Illness Strikes, and the work we do here at TomMonte.com, can lead you through that seven-step transformational process, and bring you into a new alignment with the Healing Intelligence within you.

These seven steps achieve this alignment by helping you:

  1. Overcome fear and establish a compassionate relationship with yourself and others.
  2. Restore your power and confidence, especially in your ability to make effective decisions with regard to your health and transformational process.
  3. Adopt a plant-based diet that, the science has shown, will dramatically boost your immune and healing forces, and cause genetic changes that transform your health, thinking, and daily behaviors.
  4. Love more, receive more love, and utilize the power of love to heal and transform every area of your life.
  5. Commit yourself more fully to your recovery and transformational.
  6. Develop and experience deep faith, a force that draws upon a greater power than your own.
  7. Discover and live your purpose, which is a powerful form of healing love that you can provide for your community and your world.

These seven steps are the principles for healing and good health. They form the foundation for a new and more rewarding life, a life of greater vitality, high function, and and fulfillment.  They work because they establish a new level of communication with the Intelligence of love that lives within you.

At TomMonte.com, we are committed to helping you experience a greater alignment with that Intelligence.