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Healer’s Program

Tom Monte’s Healer’s Program is an intensive study and personal exploration in the healing arts.  You will learn powerful and effective tools for healing body, heart, mind, and relationships.  You will also apply these same methods to your own life to support your health, personal growth, and happiness.   Our work is done in a loving, respectful, and healing environment, with the intension of enhancing every member’s dignity and self-love.

The program is designed for both professional healers who want to incorporate new and powerful healing tools into their practices, as well as non-professional healers who come to the program seeking personal transformation.

The material is derived from traditional healing arts, such as Chinese Medicine, macrobiotics, and herbalism; from modern scientific research; and from Tom Monte’s three decades of experience in teaching and counseling people to better health and healthier and happier relationships.

Among the skills you will learn and develop are:

  • Traditional Asian and Energetic health assessment, which provide deep insight into a person’s health, current life condition, relationships, and character;
  • The use of foods, herbs, and healing behaviors that truly restore health, as opposed to merely suppressing symptoms;
  • The Five Transformations, one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine;
  • Wilhelm Reich’s Five Defenses;
  • Powerful natural healing methods for lowering insulin, controlling inflammation, enhancing blood chemistry, and balancing the body’s pH (acid-alkalinity) in order to overcome major illnesses;
  • Effective methods for counseling people in the areas of physical health, emotional healing, and restoring love to relationships;
  • Tom Monte’s original approaches for healing body, mind, heart, and relationships.


Module #1.   March 1-5, 2017
Module #2.   May 24-28, 2017
Module #3.   August 18-22, 2017
Module #4.   November 1-5, 2017

Program Information


March 1, 2017


Orval, Belgium


Luc DeCuyper at luc@owc.be, or the East West Center website at: Owc.be