Author, Counselor, Teacher of Natural Healing

Below are three of the programs Tom Monte conducts regularly, both in the New York City, New York, and in Belgium.  For more information about the programs themselves, or how to bring Tom to your local community to conduct a program, please contact Tom or Toby Monte at the e-mail addresses given below.

Click on any program to learn more:

  • The Tom Monte Program for Healing and Personal Transformation
    For anyone — and everyone — who is seeking a life-changing leap in personal health, well-being, a more fulfilling intimate relationship, and stronger connection with the Source of Love within.
  • The Healer’s Program
    An intensive study and personal exploration in the healing arts.  You will learn powerful and effective tools for healing body, heart, mind, and relationships.  You will also apply these same methods to your own life to support your health, personal growth, and happiness.   Our work is done in a loving, respectful, and healing environment, with the intension of enhancing every member’s dignity and self-love.
  • Finding, Restoring, and Keeping Love Alive — For a Lifetime
    A Two-Weekend, Two-Module Relationship Program With Author and Teacher Tom Monte