Work with Tom Monte

Individual Counseling

Powerful healing forces reside within you and are capable of restoring balance and health to your body, mind, emotional life, and relationships.

Those healing capabilities flow from an intelligence that directs the function of every one of your body’s 100 trillion cells, each of which is performing highly complex tasks that determine your health and well being.

That same intelligence, which far exceeds the powers of your rational faculties, is constantly attempting to guide you in every area of your life — from your simplest food choices to your most important decisions.

 See my book, Unexpected Recoveries for a thorough presentation on the nature and power of the intelligence attempting to guide you to health and happiness.

At the most fundamental level, your physical, mental, and emotional health depend on whether you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with this innate intelligence.

That alignment is determined by your daily behaviors — meaning your thought patterns; the emotional states in which you consistently engage; your daily food and exercise habits; and your spiritual life.

Many behaviors that people take for granted, in fact, create biochemical chaos and internal conflicts, which together block the flow of higher intelligence to their cells, biochemical systems, and mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Very little of this work is possible unless we learn to adopt a compassionate relationship with ourselves. Self-criticism, blame, guilt, shame, condemnation, judgment — all of these block us from examining the events of our lives and seeing their true origins, our motives, and nature of our deeper realities. Compassion clears away the judgments we make of our selves and lead us into deeper dimensions of our being, where we discover not guilt, but innocence; not shame, but dignity; not self-loathing, but love and wisdom. Here, in these deeper realms, we align with our Source and Its unconditional love and awesome healing powers. Here, real healing occurs.

I help people come into a compassionate relationship with themselves; I help them identify and resolve internal chaos and conflicts; and show them how to align their behaviors with a Higher Intelligence that can restore health, vitality, wisdom, and well being to their lives.

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