Finding, Restoring, and Keeping Love Alive — For a Lifetime

A Two-Weekend, Two-Module Relationship Program With Author and Teacher Tom Monte

How can you create a loving, fulfilling, successful relationship?

That is one of the life’s most important questions, but how many of us even consider it, much less know how to answer the question?

No other important area of life — where so much is at risk — is treated with such a cavalier manner.  Very few people go into business, risking tens of thousands of dollars, without doing extensive research and preparation first.

Similarly, people realize that if they want to earn a good living, they’ve got to develop marketable skills, which also require lots of learning, practice, and hard work.

But people approach relationships in an entirely different way:  They show up and hope for the best.  They have no skills, and no plans for getting any, either.  And when you ask people where they got most of their relationship training, they’ll readily tell you that it came from watching their parents, which for the great majority of us was like watching a slow motion train wreck.

Most of us are not going to create our own business, but many of us want a loving and fulfilled intimate partnership.  Most people want to be understood; they want great conversation, lots of fun, and fulfilling sex; they want to work out their conflicts and get past the hurt.  The problem is, so many of us don’t have a clue as to how to create a relationship that can do all of that.

And in the absence of real skills, we fall back on our early training, which in so many cases taught us to withhold love, criticize, belittle, manipulate, instill fear, and suppress the wisdom, love, and power of the heart.

There is a better way.

In Tom Monte’s Relationship Program — Finding, Restoring, and Keeping Love Alive — For a Lifetime — you will learn:

  • How to resolve conflicts so that both of you feel understood and honored.
  • How to talk about highly charged and sensitive subjects in ways that fulfill your needs and those of your partner — and help you both arrive at the same truth.
  • How to find, speak, and act from your heart in order to experience your most beautiful and powerful self.
  • How to get your needs fulfilled without criticizing, belittling, or being unfaithful to your partner.
  • Why conflicts are essential to your happiness and that of your relationship.
  • What must be done when one or both of you are disappointed — either in yourself or your partner.
  • Why the challenges in your love and sex life are, in fact, doorways to greater intimacy, fulfillment, and deeper healing.
  • Why the most important requests you make of your partner, and those your partner makes of you, must be fulfilled; and why those requests are, in fact, the very growth steps that your souls want desperately to make.
  • Why your freedom is not a tool to create insecurity in the other, but in fact is intended to bring happiness and fulfillment to both of you.

Work with a Small, Supportive Group

The group attending this program will be small and intimate.  Every single person and couple will receive gentle, compassionate attention and support.

All the work is done in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and appreciation for the courage and commitment it requires to confront one of the most challenging areas of life.

Program Information

Tom Monte’s Relationship Program can be given at any location and to small groups.  Tom also does weekend programs for individual couples.  The entire Relationship Program can be given over several days, or two weekends.  Contact Tom or Toby Monte for information on how we can bring the Relationship Program to your group or community.

Tom can be reached at
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