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intestinal disorders – Tom Monte


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Infrequent and/or difficult bowel movements, headaches, coated tongue, tiredness, bad breath, mental depression, and mental dullness are all possible symptoms of constipation.


What is Constipation?

From Modern Western Medicine

Regularity and comfort of bowel movements are more important than frequency. Constipation is usually not considered harmful unless it appears suddenly and persists in an adult over 40. The most […]

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Colic (Infantile)

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Abdominal pain, distention, restlessness, insomnia, and crying in infants are all signs of colic. Babies are said to be suffering from colic when they are crying (even screaming), irritable, drawing up their legs, suggesting pain in the abdomen. The baby may be red in the face and may pass gas. Symptoms usually worsen at night.


What is […]

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