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A Look At The Roots Of Bipolar Disorder

A member of the Healer’s Community, Sabine Martens, recently asked about bipolar disorder. Sabine is helping someone with the condition ...
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An Unexpected Healing — From The Other Side

Sometimes life offers us the healing we long for in the most surprising and unexpected ways. That’s what has happened ...
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Asthma: Through The Looking Glass

A Rising Epidemic Tells Us Much About Ourselves, And Offers Clues to Effective Treatment There is an old Sufi story ...
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Autumn Cooking: Warmer, Heartier, More Comforting

Now is the time to change our cooking and food selection to help the body adjust to the cool and ...
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Beware: Vitamins Pills May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Last month, a Swedish study of showed that women between the ages of 49 and 83 who took a multivitamin ...
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Boost Your Immune System: It’s The Best Defense You’ve Got

The best protection that you have against any illness is your body’s own defense system. The human immune system has ...
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Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day

Every morning when we get up, Tom and I ask the same question, “What’s for breakfast?” Mostly it’s oatmeal or ...
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Cooling The Flames Of Inflammation

Global warming isn’t restricted to the outer environment. It’s happening inside of us, too. Our blood and internal organs are ...
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Cruciferous Vegetables: Eat Lots of Them

Long ago, Native Americans created many myths to explain why plants had such awesome medicinal powers. One of those myths ...
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Driving Our Children To Distraction: How To Treat Attention Deficit And Hyperactive Disorder

In some remote recess of our brains, we all possess a secret knowledge of our own physical and emotional reactions ...
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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Large Intestine

The "lower intestines are like the officials who propagate the right way of living and they generate evolution and change," ...
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Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Gall Bladder In Tiptop Shape

We’ve entered spring, and with it the season of the liver and the gall bladder, according to Chinese medicine. We’ve ...
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