I started working with Tom after a horrible accident, that occurred the day after my wedding, which left me in bed and with lots of frustration and anger, most of which ended up being directed at my new husband. Through working with Tom, I not only dealt with that acute episode of anger, but I found some other skeletons in my closet as well, which not only had I not dealt with, I had never even acknowledged them. Seeing how much I had learned just from our private sessions, I wanted more and so I signed up for the healer’s course and it was an amazing experience. My husband finds me a changed woman. I feel an inner peace, though I am literally always surrounded by chaos (I work in an emergency room). Most amazingly, the conflicts in my life just seem to have diminished and become so much easier to handle and manage. I have grown in tolerance, and patience, and most importantly faith. The other night my husband and I were falling asleep and we could not remember our last big fight, which prior to Tom’s class and counseling were at least a biweekly occurrence. I feel that my heart has expanded, and that I have grown comfortable in my feminine strengths. I am living a life of faith, and no longer with fear. I am very grateful for this course, as it built a foundation of spiritual wisdom and practice, which has expanded my heart, and my ability to love.