A Talk by Tom Monte

Why are we so afraid? The short answer is because we are unclear — unclear about the true nature of our fear and its source. Even more, we are unclear about what we must do in the face of our fears, and the anger, rage, and violence they create.

There is an aspect within us that wants us to be afraid, angry, and confused. It wants us to reject our neighbors, family members, even ourselves. It wants us to reject the Light within us that is the Source of love, truth, courage, and purpose.

For every one of us, fear represents a moment of choice — shrink into fear, frustration, anger, and darkness; or explore your inner life, experience a deeper truth, and receive the inspiration and courage that Love is offering.

This talk will help us find the path to clarity and to the Greater Knowing that gives us compassion, courage, and purpose. That path can clear up our confusion and lead us to the life we were intended to live.