What Are Wounds?

From Standard Western Medicine

Wounds are injuries caused by trauma and damage to tissues. All wounds should be place in ice-cold water immediately to stop the bleeding, reduce the chance of inflammation, and speed recovery. Thoroughly clean cuts in cold water and wash away all dirt and foreign objects. Bandage appropriately and keep the injury clean.


Food to Eat

  • Miso soup
  • Seaweeds
  • Grains, boiled so that they soupy
  • Greens, orange, and yellow vegetables for their antioxidant content

Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar
  • Refined foods with artificial ingredients
  • High-fat foods, which diminish circulation


Herbs to Treat Wounds

Topical treatments:

  • Aloe vera juice and/or comfrey juice
  • Vitamin E: to accelerate healing and reduce scarring
  • Tea tree oil: to prevent infection; reapply every two to three hours



  • Arnica: take frequently



  • Beta-carotene: 15 – 30 mg daily
  • Vitamin C: 100 – 500 mg per day
  • Vitamin E: 100 – 400 IU per day
  • Zinc: 15 mg per day