It is difficult to describe the incredible and transformative experience I have had through my relationship with Tom Monte.  He is a rare person with a healing gift to guide anybody through the process of confronting past wounds, gaining clarity and truth in alignment with the heart and creating the life one wants and is meant to have. I first met and began working with Tom over 4 years ago. At the time, I was disconnected from my heart in a way that I was not true to myself or others and I was making choices that took me to a very dark place. Tom’s one-on-one work with me and group sessions offered through his programs helped me to change all of that. I am in a much better place in my life as a result of my work Tom and his teachings. I continue to work with Tom on a regular basis and he has been nothing short of a loving and divine teacher to me. Tom helps me face and over come challenges and he has helped me solve problems that arise from my inner thoughts and feelings, family matters and as a business executive. Most importantly, my entire family has benefited from my work with Tom and his involvement with each member to varying degrees. Tom’s guiding support has profoundly improved my presence and accountability as a husband, father, friend and business partner. I feel happy to know that somebody reading this may choose to seek his light-filled guidance.  God bless.