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Heartburn, nausea, reflux, stomachache, cramps, belching, and flatulence are all listed under the general rubric known as dyspepsia.


What is Dyspepsia?

From Modern Western Medicine

Dyspepsia is the medical term for indigestion and is usually caused by eating spicy food, fatty foods, eating too rapidly, or overeating. Eating when under stress, when angry, or when suffering from some other […]

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Offensive mouth odor is also known as halitosis.

What is Halitosis?

From Modern Western Medicine

Halitosis is the medical word for bad breath, caused most often by smoking, drinking alcohol, eating garlic or onions, or poor oral and dental hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, neither constipation nor indigestion is a cause. Rarely is halitosis a symptom of illness.

If bad […]

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