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Congestion and pressure in the interior passageways of the skull behind the nose, forehead, and cheeks. The congestion may result in a throbbing pain or a sinus headache. For some people, fever, runny or stuffy nose, loss of the ability to smell, and even a discharge of pus may result.

What is Sinusitis?

From Modern Western Medicine

Sinusitis is […]

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Cystitis and Urethritis

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Frequency and burning during urination; tenderness and pain in bladder area; intense desire to pass urine even after bladder has been emptied; cloudy urine that may have strong odor.


What is Cystitis and Urethritis?

From Modern Western Medicine

Cystitis and urethritis are characterized by inflammation of the inner lining of the bladder, which is caused by a bacterial infection. […]

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