Tom Monte Program Testimonials

Simply the best!

Tom is the most sincere, dedicated, down to earth and knowledgeable person with regards to nutrition and healing approaches. He is gentle yet direct and puts each person at the forefront of the work.You feel the workshop is tailored for you — and it is! His method draws upon existing laws of the universe and bringing out from one’s own life the practical wisdom and truth to transform ones view of self. Add to that a great facilitator who builds trust, beauty, and support among the group. And add to that a person so knowledgeable about the body, food, energy, emotions and who ties it all together like a work of art. Then you have a heart centered exciting workshop that is priceless! I left the workshop with so much knowledge self discovery and a kind of tattoo of life etched in my heart and invisibly threaded with the others in the group. It will blow your mind and your cover. Simply the best!


I witnessed extraordinary shifts in myself

Tom Monte’s Workshop for Healers is a journey into the depths of life itself. Not for the faint of heart, it is a rewarding, challenging, life-changing method of facilitating profound transformation. Utilizing bioenergetics, macrobiotic theory, and Intuitive and Asian diagnosis and healing techniques, the Monte Method is a powerful tool for healers and anyone committed to transformational growth. Tom Monte is relentlessly dedicated to helping others, and I witnessed extraordinary shifts in myself and others during the months we spent together as a team. If you are ready for a revolution in your life and in your healing practice, this is unquestionably the place to be.

Beyond my above-posted testimonial, I want to add that this was an absolutely extraordinary experience. I got more from 4 weekends with Tom Monte than I have from any other course of study I’ve ever participated in. For those of you who are truly interested in healing work, this is one of the best investments you could possibly make in your practice and your life.


I am so tremendously grateful for the opportunity to journey through this course.

The Healer’s Program absolutely transformed my life. I am so tremendously grateful for the opportunity to journey through this course. As we learned healing modalities, we also grew as individuals, as healers, and as a community. I have walked away feeling lighter, freer, empowered, and connected to others.

Kerry, New York State

I learned to honor my truth

I learned to honor my truth and experience light, love, and infinite compassion, as well as my anger, sadness, grief with a non-judgmental spirit. Thanks to our group and Tom’s guidance and wisdom, my head gave in and my heart opened. The Healer’s Program was a hands-on, intense and powerful workshop where I was able to help others, receive and ask for help, learn powerful healing tools, and experience a lot of love.


You brought me out of my deepest darkness.

It’s difficult for me to put into words how much the Healer’s Program means to me. You brought me out of my deepest darkness. Within two months you healed me of my eating disorder and opened my heart to self-love. You and our group held me in compassion, understanding, and love. You helped me speak my truth. Thank you with all my heart for this experience.

New York City

A hands-on, intense and powerful program

The Healers Program gave me tools for life to explore dualities and embrace them. I learned to honor truth and experience light, love and compassion, as well as my anger, sadness and grief with a curious, nonjudgmental spirit. Thanks to the group and Tom’s guidance and wisdom, my head gave in and my heart opened. It was a hands-on, intense and powerful program where I was able to help others, but for the first time I really learned to ask for and receive help myself.


Tom’s a life changing experience

I know mystical aspects are harder to talk about or share, perhaps people have to discover them, but so much of what goes on in a healing with Tom occurs in invisible and powerful layers that I feel that, more than anyone I have ever met, he has the finesse and communication skills to explore these subjects in conversation and to share his explorations with others. There’s something about the combination between conversation and the respectful approaching or invoking of the mysterious, even the miraculous, that is very very particular to Tom ways of teaching and counseling. A session with Tom is a concentrated dose of wisdom and light, there’s not a chance that you will be the same after you talk to him, via phone or in person. He’s a life changing experience, even if you only see him once.


I feel an inner peace

I started working with Tom after a horrible accident, that occurred the day after my wedding, which left me in bed and with lots of frustration and anger, most of which ended up being directed at my new husband. Through working with Tom, I not only dealt with that acute episode of anger, but I found some other skeletons in my closet as well, which not only had I not dealt with, I had never even acknowledged them. Seeing how much I had learned just from our private sessions, I wanted more and so I signed up for the healer’s course and it was an amazing experience. My husband finds me a changed woman. I feel an inner peace, though I am literally always surrounded by chaos (I work in an emergency room). Most amazingly, the conflicts in my life just seem to have diminished and become so much easier to handle and manage. I have grown in tolerance, and patience, and most importantly faith. The other night my husband and I were falling asleep and we could not remember our last big fight, which prior to Tom’s class and counseling were at least a biweekly occurrence. I feel that my heart has expanded, and that I have grown comfortable in my feminine strengths. I am living a life of faith, and no longer with fear. I am very grateful for this course, as it built a foundation of spiritual wisdom and practice, which has expanded my heart, and my ability to love.