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Foods And Recipes For The Fire Season

The summer is the season of the heart and small intestine, according to the practitioners of Chinese medicine. They called ...
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Gifts Of Health From The Mother Ocean

The ocean is the mother of life on the planet and, not surprisingly, the memory of the ocean still flows ...
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Healing Depression: What Causes The Disorder And How To Overcome It

In the movie, “As Good As It Gets,” Jack Nicholson’s character – who suffers from manic-depression, or bipolar disorder – ...
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Healing Fear: What To Do When Fear Strikes, And How To Prevent It From Controlling Your Life

Last summer, I boarded a small plane in London for a flight to Brussels and soon found myself encountering a ...
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Healing the Kidneys

(What The Cowardly Lion Needed To Do) Winter is the season of the kidneys and bladder, said the Chinese sages ...
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Healing Your Tootsies

In a normal day, each of your feet will hit the ground about 5,000 times. No matter what your weight, ...
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Helping Your Liver Do Its Spring Cleaning

We’re still weeks away from the official arrival of spring, but my neighbors have already tapped their maple sugar trees ...
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How Diet And Lifestyle Can Change The Way Your Genes Behave

Back in 1981, I wrote a book entitled, Recalled By Life: The Story of My Recovery From Cancer, with Anthony ...
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Learning from Geese

There’s something about geese that has always evoked my heart. Part of my affection comes from the fact that they ...
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Living from the Soul: The Journey to YES

Albert Einstein once said that every one of us is forced to ask and answer a single question: Is the ...
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Seven Steps To Realizing Your Dream

Knowing your dream means knowing yourself. This is an unfolding process that will take a lifetime. The shortcut to your ...
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The 7-Year Cycles of Life

Many traditional societies saw an implicit order in life that we moderns often fail to see. Among the more important ...
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The Heart As The Healer: The Master Wave Produced By The Heart Regulates the Entire Body

When people talk about the “consciousness of the heart,” we automatically assume that they are speaking metaphorically, or romantically, or ...
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The Rise Of The Divine Feminine And The Healing Of The Earth

“God is our father, but beyond everything, he is our mother.” Pope John Paul 1 Every so often, I enjoy ...
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The Victim, The Hungry Thief, The Warrior And The Soul

Once there was a little boy who lived in a cottage by a vast wood. His mother and father regularly ...
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What Is Transformation?

Two young boys, maybe 8 or 9 years of age, walk down the street, both free of any care in ...
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Why August 15 Still Matters, No Matter What Your Tradition

When I was just a small boy, my Aunt Tessie used to tell me to go swimming on August 15th, ...
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