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Healing the Heart

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Foods And Recipes For The Fire Season

The summer is the season of the heart and small intestine, according to the practitioners of Chinese medicine. They called ...
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Gifts Of Health From The Mother Ocean

The ocean is the mother of life on the planet and, not surprisingly, the memory of the ocean still flows ...
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Healing Depression: What Causes The Disorder And How To Overcome It

In the movie, “As Good As It Gets,” Jack Nicholson’s character – who suffers from manic-depression, or bipolar disorder – ...
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Healing Fear: What To Do When Fear Strikes, And How To Prevent It From Controlling Your Life

Last summer, I boarded a small plane in London for a flight to Brussels and soon found myself encountering a ...
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Healing the Kidneys

(What The Cowardly Lion Needed To Do) Winter is the season of the kidneys and bladder, said the Chinese sages ...
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Healing Your Tootsies

In a normal day, each of your feet will hit the ground about 5,000 times. No matter what your weight, ...
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Helping Your Liver Do Its Spring Cleaning

We’re still weeks away from the official arrival of spring, but my neighbors have already tapped their maple sugar trees ...
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How Diet And Lifestyle Can Change The Way Your Genes Behave

Back in 1981, I wrote a book entitled, Recalled By Life: The Story of My Recovery From Cancer, with Anthony ...
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Speaking from the Heart

How Couples Can Restore Intimacy And Grow Their Love (Part 2 of the Sex Argument) Problems in relationship are most ...
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The Healing Power Of Sadness And Grief

Autumn draws us into the darkness, both without and within. The signs are everywhere now. The light retreats and the ...
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