Most cuts are successfully treated at home, but those that bleed excessively, are dirty, or infected may require medical attention. Clean dirt from minor cuts and scrapes by rinsing under cold water and washing with mild soap and clean washcloth. Dry with sterile gauze or a clean cloth and apply a healing remedy.



How to Treat a Cut

Use the following herbs to help stop bleeding. Sprinkle directly onto the wound or apply the herbal tincture to gauze and cover the affected area:

  • Yarrow has powerful astringent properties
  • Goldenseal is an astringent and an antibacterial


Apply one of the following antibacterial herbs in tincture form (dilute in five part water) after the bleeding has stopped, to prevent infection:

  • Echinacea
  • Usnea
  • Calendula


Soak a sterile cotton pad in the dilute tincture and apply to the wound, securing with a bandage, or spray 3 to 4 times daily directly on cuts and abrasions that are covered by a bandage.

Use either of the following herbs in ointment form to encourage healing of a cut or a scrape. Both contain allantoin, which has been proven to prevent scar formation:

  • Comfrey
  • Plantain


The following herbs can be taken internally for up to a week to boost immunity and promote recovery:

  • Usnea: ½ tsp. tincture, two to three times daily
  • Echinacea: ½ tsp. tincture, three to four times daily



Homeopathic lotions or tinctures can be applied to minor cuts and abrasions by moistening the dressing and then covering it with sterile gauze. Use either the following remedies:

  • Calendula: for superficial lacerations or incisions, or minor abrasions
  • Hypericum: when the injury is causing nerve pain


To aid recovery, take tablets of the following internal remedies:

  • Phosphorous: for small wounds that bleed a lot
  • Ledum: for penetrating or puncture wounds
  • Aconite: for severe bleeding or if the injured person is turning pale or faint


Chinese Medicine

Yunnan paiyao promoted blood coagulation. Break open the capsule and spread the powder on the bleeding cut, or take it internally when a cut is severe: 1 capsule two to three times per day. Pregnant women should not take Yunnan paiyao internally


  • Vitamin A (as beta-carotene): 15 – 30 mg per to day to stimulate healing
  • Zinc: 15 mg to accelerate healing
  • Vitamin E: Apply topically after a scab has formed to prevent scarring