Living In Alignment With the Source of Love

Program by Tom Monte

What if you discovered that most of your beliefs about yourself are completely wrong and, even worse, self-limiting and often self-destructive? And what if, upon deeper introspection, you came upon Another You, living in an awakened state, in which truths about your unique powers and purpose were waiting to be discovered and utilized? And what if living in alignment with this Other You is the most effective way of experiencing all you hope for — love, joy, healing, success, and fulfillment? Wouldn’t the work of aligning with your Deeper Knowing be the single most important thing you could do with your time and energy?

The answer is most certainly yes!

The fact is, acting from an alignment with the Core of Your Being is the only way you can succeed at anything, whether it’s your work, career, healing, important relationships, casual relationships, even your hobbies. Whatever you do from your Deep Self, you do from love. And whatever you focus your love upon awakens and thrives — not because love is a form of sentimental coddling, but because love is the most concentrated power of the life force. Yes, love is an atmosphere in which all things open and animate. But it is also a life-giving laser, the tight beam that grows all it touches.

There are simple ways of living in alignment with the Awakened You, the Source of Love, that restore physical, emotional, and spiritual health; that reconnect you with your true power, wisdom, and guidance; that restore your heart, your clarity, and your soul’s direction.

In Tom Monte’s program, Living in Alignment with the Source of Love, you will learn effective approaches for coming back into direct connection with the most important relationship in your life, your relationship with the State of Unity living within you. You will learn to listen to the “Still Small Voice Within,” and feel the “Still Small Impulse” that flares in your solar plexus whenever you know your truth, or come face to face with “right opportunity,” “right motive,” “right decision,” and “right action.”

That Still Small Voice and that Still Small Impulse are only two of the ways that the Awakened Self communicates with you on a daily basis.

Never before has there been greater need to come into conscious connection with your own Deep Knowing. Confusion reigns in every important area of life, especially in all facets of healing and health care; every aspect of intimate relationship; in the search for and the discovery of your true vocation and right livelihood; and in your relationship with the Infinite. Experts are everywhere, but truth is the hardest commodity to come by.

Truth lives in you. All you need is a way to reach it.

In this Program, you will learn simple behaviors that align your consciousness with the Light Within You. Such an alignment stabilizes your mind, heart, and emotional life. It clarifies your inner life, and connects you to your deep wisdom, power, enthusiasm, and joy.

Living in Alignment is a way of life that is based on deep listening to subtle events and shifts in awareness that occur inside you throughout the day. The Source of Love speaks to each of us every day, and in every situation. In this Program, you will learn how to clear your mind of so much meaningless interference and self-sabotaging activity in order to receive the guidance from the Inner You.

You will apply these practices to healing yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will learn how to use them to create success in every area of your life.

Program Information

Eight Weekends of Awakening

In New York, the program unfolds in eight weekend modules, one module per month, for eight months. The program begins in September 2017 (dates will be posted in the early spring, 2017). Each module runs from Friday night, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; and Sunday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The program takes place at Moving Body Resources, located at 112 W. 27th Street in New York City, New York.

If you have any questions about anything at all, please contact Toby at

In Orval, Belgium: Four 4-Day Modules

In Orval Belgium, the program takes place over four 4-day modules.

Those dates are as follows:

August 13-17, 2017
October 27-31, 2017
February 14-18, 2018
May 9-13, 2018

For more information, write to Luc DeCuyper at or go to the East West Center website, We look forward to seeing you at our programs.